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Infused with Mako by TMProjection

Hi there :) When you sended me this picture, the first thing I thought was that it looks amazing. It really gives of a fantasy feeling a...


My buddies by MorikoW
My buddies
So.... still don't feel like writing much. Perhaps it's because I'm supposed to be working right now :P

I used a cover of WITCH magazine for this. I always loved WITCH, but unfortunatly the WITCH group in the Netherlands went bankrupt, so I try to read the rest in english online. They always have such amazing covers, they're so lovable. So I dicided to use one for inspiration.

Moriko holding up her MechPro hand with little simple puppets. Starting from thumb: Kitsune, Lau, Haru, Kaito, Ell.
'Guardian' group by MorikoW
'Guardian' group
Main characters from my 'Guardian' novel.
Ell looks weird, I know :P

Somehow I don't feel like writing a lot, sorry :)
Cooking, Nice and easy by MorikoW
Cooking, Nice and easy
So! I promised DarknessEevee12 to make a better drawing for her, because the last one was a real quicky and I didn't like it. So this one is better :D At least I think so :P
DarknessEevee drew a really nice picture of her character Alexandra and my character Kitsune cooking. She told me that Alexandra didn't really knew how to cook, so Kitsune helped her.
I liked that idea, therefor I used it as well. Alexandra is learning fast!

Hopefully you'll like it, let me know!

Alexandra belongs to DarknessEevee12
Kitsune belongs to me
Hi there!

How are you all doing? Nice weather huh? Well not over here, here it's cold and windy and juk.

Some people asked me lately why I change the clothes of my characters so much. Because it makes them less recognisable. I think not, or hope not. I like to differ the clothes my characters wear, because I don't wear the same things all the time, nobody does. I love so many different styles, that I can only imagine my characters would too :)
But the formal clothing, like the clothes of the Guardians or Kaito's tribe clothes, they most remain the same. But somehow I am never statisfied with them, so I keep changing them :P If anyone ever feels up to designing me some, let me know and do your worst. I would love somenew ideas.

Another question I got was why sometimes Moriko has a MechPro (the prothese) and sometimes she doesn't. That's mostly because of the timeline. Halfway my novel, Moriko loses her arm and gets the prothese. So if I draw something that happened before that scene, she won't have it.
The same question about the feathers behind Moriko's and Lau's ears, they don't have them all the time. Like 3/4 of my novel, they don't have those earthingies. They get them as they grow a certain age and develop a certain power. The wings they got from birth, as they grow older more and more power will develop and their bodies will change. So those ear wings are really because of their age. :)

Some characters do change though. I am one of those people that think up a character and as they grow and develop in the story, there appearence seems incorrect. Makes me think of Kaito (which is right now being considered to write as Kaeto. Just because the pronouncation stays the same, but it looks more foreign :P ), Kaito had brown hair in the beginning, changing to blonde (mostly because I loved Cloud Strife his hair XD) and than setteling with white. White suits him, he's from the high north and lives in snow (mostly). Moriko's wings changed too. First I wanted them to change colour with the light thouching them. But The Guardians are descendants of mother nature, so later I wanted their wings to look like real life birds. So I changed Moriko's wings to a barnowls. Right now Lau is being changed quite dramatically. When I first started writing the story, everything was pretty much black and white. So were Moriko and Lau. Blonde, black and wings, white and black. I don't want that anymore. Lau is a well developed character by now and not just a bad guy. It's tough to change something that has stuck for so long though. But I am changing Lau. His hair might get brown or red and his wings might get green or a mix of colors like a parrot. I hope you guys will tell me what you think by the time it's up :)
I have been thinking to take my old drawings down, because the characters changed a lot, but I'm not sure. What do you think? Take it or leave it?

I hope that answered some of your questions :D
Be free to ask them, because I love to answer them!
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